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Four WFO Working Groups affiliated to FICMES
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On April 27, 2012, the WFO held the General Assembly Meeting of the Executive Committee and the Official Delegates of Member Countries. At the meeting, it was decided that the FICMES will be in charge to establish four WFO working groups on Moulding Materials, Non-ferrous Alloys, Ferrous Metals and Die Casting.

FICMES completed the establishment of the four working groups in succession in the second half of 2012, and have organized and carried out corresponding activities regularly in the coming several years. The Moulding Materials Working Group and Ferrous Metals Working Group, together with FICMES, co-organized an International Foundry Technology Forum on November 4, 2013 during the 2013 China Foundry Week. Then, the Die Casting Working Group hosts the China International Diecasting Congress annually in Shanghai from 2014, and the Non-ferrous Alloys Working Group hosts the International Symposium on Nonferrous Alloys and Special Casting Technologies annually also in Shanghai from 2014; the Moulding Materials Working Group organizes the WFO International Forum on Moulding Materials and Casting Technologies biyearly at different cities, which has been to Changsha, China in 2015, Incheon in 2017, Korea, and Wuhan, China in 2019. The Ferrous Metals Working Group held the WFO Cast Iron and Cast Steel Technology Forum biyearly in Beijing 2016 and Suzhou 2018.

The Die Casting Working Group will organize the 16th China International Diecasting Congress in Shenzhen city in March 2021.